• the monk's family

    In 1870, the family of the Honorable Judge Samuel Cornwallis Monk and Caroline Debartzch moved in this house, now home of the Bed & Breakfast Héritage Victorien. The couple had five sons and only one daughter, Louise Amelia.  We perpetuate the memory of Louise Amelia who unfortunately died at the early age of 23.

  • amelia monk & her journals

    Between 1867 and 1871 Louise Amelia Monk, a bourgeois adolescent, filled four journals with her private thoughts and hopes for the future.  Reading her diaries, it seems like her main desire in life was to find love in a man and to get married.

  • The locked diary

    One of Louise's diaries (the one with a lock) made his way back home after being away from it for more than 130 years when we purchased the valuable artifact from a rare books collector in 2014.  The book is displayed at the inn.

  • Amelia's tragic death

    Still unmarried at 23, Louise feared that she would remain at home alone with her aging parents, while her brothers already made their way into the world.


    Could it be the reason why Louise put an end to her life at the early age of 23?